The search for a spiritual home is an important quest. It's the search for a community of Christian Faith that "feels right" and "fits." It's a place where we feel "we belong" and the Christian gospel is presented in a way that inspires our lives, deepens our faith, challenges our thoughts and speaks to the longings of our hearts. It is a place with a worship pattern that feels 'familiar' but also refreshing. It's a place where the lives of the young, children, teens and young adults are nurtured in a meaningful caring way. You could say it's a matter of taste. At a deeper level it's about the soul's journey towards God. In other words, choosing a spiritual home is a very important decision.

St. Peter's does not claim to be the 'right' place for everyone, rather it is one of the ways by which people can "taste and see that the Lord is good."



About Us


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St. Peter’s Anglican Church stands on one of the major thoroughfares of a busy and multicultural city as a reminder of God's generosity and hospitality.

We are a vibrant, multi-generational community of Christian faith, grounded in the Anglican heritage, yet open to innovation. As Anglican Christians we have a wonderful, rich tradition of worship, deeply rooted in the spiritual legacy of the Christian Church. We approach worship as an encounter with God through Living Word and Sacrament. Worship at St. Peter’s is characterized by dignified informality that is comfortably at ease with both contemporary and traditional forms of liturgy.

In addition to providing sacramental worship (our primary means of grace) and various Bible studies, we offer opportunities to grow in prayer, spirituality and theology (our understanding of God).

Operating on our parish motto, “to share the love of God in all that we do,” we endeavor to be an open, welcoming and non-judgmental community, where people are encouraged and affirmed in their spiritual journey. We are eager to reach out and connect with the world around us, and to extend the hospitality, care, and love of Jesus Christ for the good of the wider community. St. Peter’s is a large parish, but we seek to ensure that people of all sorts and conditions are cared for through our pastoral care team and through a trained group of Stephen Ministers.

We are not afraid of personal growth! Part of welcoming people means being open to their questions, and connecting with them “where they are.” St. Peter’s strives to be a place where people can explore and expand their own personal vision, and find ways to exercise their unique spiritual gifts in the church and in the world.


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