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Pre-Authorized Direct Donation Program


Commonly known as Auto-Debit, a pre-authorized direct donation program automatically debits the account of your choice on a regular basis as determined by you, at the amount you set. Why?


The advantages to the church are …

  • It regularizes donations – especially through the summer months.
  • It greatly simplifies the processing of weekly donations.
  • It reduces cash on hand.

The advantages to you are …

  • Convenience: Your donation is withdrawn directly from your account either on a monthly or bimonthly basis (as you determine). There is no need for you to carry cash to the church or write a cheque. If you are ill, out of town, or don’t want to carry cash, there is no need to make special arrangements for your donation to the church. It happens automatically … and conveniently.
  • Safety: There is no cheque / cash to be lost.
  • Confidentiality: Your account information is stored in a confidential computer file. Each payment date, the net debit to your account is sent directly to your financial institution. You will only receive notification from us if the payment was not accepted.
  • Cost: The cost to you is simply the regular cost your financial institution bills you to clear a cheque.

Using auto-debit is the contemporary equivalent of a pledge. One pledges a portion of their resources to the work, ministry and life of the church. Thank you for your generous support of St. Peter’s.


Frequently Asked Question

Q     How will I indicate my donation on a Sunday?

A     At the entrance to the church a basket of cards can be found. The cards read;

        Our offering to the Lord and for the ministry of the Church is given by auto-debit.

        Please pick up a card on the way into church and then place it in the offering plate as sign of your support for         the life and ministry of St. Peters.


Q     Do all financial institutions participate in this program?

A     YES! All financial institutions that offer chequing accounts accept Direct Payments.


Q     What type of accounts can be used?

A     Almost any type of account – savings, chequing, etc. can accept direct payments.


Q     How do I update / change the information for this program?

A     Simply complete a new authorization form and place it in the collection plate, or deposit it in the church office.


Q     Do I have to contact my bank to confirm my payments?

A     NO! Your donations are debited to your account and will appear on your normal bank statements.


Sign up for Automatic Debit

If you would like to join the auto-debit program, the form is available by clicking on "Donor's Authorization Form" below, or by clicking here Adobe Reader (.pdf) format


To sign up …

Simply complete the Donor’s Authorization Form, attach a blank cheque marked VOID, and send to the church office or place in the collection plate.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us


Thank you for your generous support for the life of St. Peter's.


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