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St. Peter's History

St. Peter's Anglican Church

In 1893, the church began as "The Mission of Glenmore".  Services were conducted in a little school house that is now the site of the YMCA on Heritage Drive.  Since that early beginning St. Peter's parish has grown and expanded significantly.  Over the years we have had six Rectors beginning with Archdeacon Tims (after whom the Chapel in the Church is named) from 1926-1943; Rev. V.S. Crowe served from 1944-1948; Rev. V.S. Ford served from 1948-1952 and Canon Morgan served as Interim from 1953-1955; Archdeacon Robert B. Crowder served as Rector from 1955-1959.  Archdeacon Crowder returned to us upon his retirement and we were very fortunate to have him as a very active Honorary Assistant until his death in April 2007. 

The period of the late '50s, early '60s was a period of substantial growth, and as a result the existing Church building became inadequate and plans were made to construct a new church on the present site at 75th Avenue and Elbow Drive. 

The church building was opened and dedicated on February 21, 1961.  In July of that year the Rectory was completed and in 1967 the Parish Hall extension was opened.  The Rev. Canon W.I.D. Smith served as Rector during this busy time and retired in 1977.

In October 1977, Archdeacon Robert Pynn was appointed Rector and served until January, 1991 when he was appointed Dean of Calgary and Rector of the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer.  In August 1991, Bishop Gary Woolsey joined St. Peter's parish family as the new Rector.  Bishop Woolsey, after 35 years of ministry, retired at the end of May, 2002.  The following February The Rev. Grant Rodgers came to St. Peter's and served as Rector for 5 years until his move to British Columbia in August 2008. In September 2008, we welcomed The Venerable Richard LeSueur to St. Peter's as Priest in Charge, followed by Helen Belcher. Our current incumbent is the Rev.Dr. Jane Rowland.


Our Anglican Story

It is a long story of which this is a brief sketch.

As with any Christian story it begins with the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It continues in the life of the early community spreading across the Mediterranean world until it crosses the English Channel, then to become part of those islands. Augustine, Patrick, Julian of Norwich, John Wesley, William Temple are all part of our story.

Down through the centuries, there were many developments in the Christian faith and life. In the 4th century Christianity moved from the margins of Roman culture to become the official religion of the Empire. In 1054 it divided into the Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox worlds. In the 16th century, the age of Continental Reformation, the Church in England broke ties with the authority of Rome and established an independent existence as a church both reformed and Catholic.

In 1578 Robert Wolfall held a service on an English ship in Hudson's Bay and another chapter began which would eventually see Anglican churches from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In 1788 Charles Inglis was consecrated Bishop of Nova Scotia. In the early decades of this century Bishop Robert Fleming called 90% of all Inuit people into the Anglican tradition.

Today there are 33 self-governing churches in our Communion. Spread across 164 countries they embrace 23 languages. The vast majority of Christian Anglicans live in the countries of the developing world.

Anglican Christianity has always tried to balance the many ways by which we understand, embrace and respond to the mystery of God. We have inherited three great gifts: the Bible, the Sacramental experience and the community of faith. We believe that God is a God of self-disclosure (revelation). We seek to understand that revelation by our reason, to respond to it with our love and to act upon it in our lives. We believe that Christian faith is a many splendoured gift of our Lord, which can grow richer and lead to fullness of life.

St. Peter's offers a variety of worship and educational programs where individuals can deepen and enrich their journey of faith.


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