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If you are considering marriage at St. Peter’s, as a first step, contact one of the clergy who will be pleased to meet and discuss your wishes, marriage preparation, dates, times and all the important details. If you are new to St. Peter’s please come to worship with us on a Sunday and introduce yourself to one of the clergy expressing your interest to be married at St. Peters. At St. Peter’s we seek to become as supportive as possible of your marriage and of your relationship for years to come.


Who may be married at St. Peter’s?

It is presumed that those seeking marriage at St. Peter’s are baptized into the Christian faith and seek to continue to grow in their spiritual life within the life of the Christian community. Where one partner is an active member of another church or another faith community, arrangements can be made for an interdenominational or interfaith ceremony with the clergy from that community participating.


What preparation is required?

Along with planning the many details of the wedding day couples are also asked to prepare for the commitment of married life by participating in a recognized Marriage Preparation program. The clergy will have information about the various programs available which typically address subjects such as communications, conflict resolution, personality differences, intimacy, and the spiritual dimensions of a relationship.


What if one of us is divorced?

The Church recognizes that relationships fail and that though the power of forgiveness and God’s healing one can make a new start. In a new relationship, where either or both parties have been previously married, the clergy seek to assist the couple in ensuring that their new vows and relationship are on as certain a foundation as possible. Application to the Diocesan marriage commission may be required.


What will the ceremony be like?

The ceremony will be conducted according to the rites of the Anglican Church of Canada. There are two services: a more traditional liturgy (Book of Common Prayer) and a more contemporary form (The Book of Alternative Services). In these options there is room for personal choice and the clergy will be pleased to assist you in making choices regarding readings, prayers, music and other significant gestures. Our Music Director is Chris Fullerton who will be pleased to meet with the couple and can be contacted by calling 403 669 7353..


What will it cost?

The Fees for a wedding at St Peter’s are as follows:

     $ 250 Donation to the Church

     $ 150 Organist ($200 if rehearsals needed with other musicians)

     A gift to the priest who has been involved with the couple in preparation, the rehearsal and on the wedding day is at           discretion of the couple. (typically around $250)


How do we contact the church?

For further information and to arrange an appointment with the clergy, please contact us.

Chris Fullerton, the organist may be contacted by phone at 403 669 7353.


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