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Worship at St. Peter’s

Worship is the central act of the Christian community.

It reminds us of who we are,

it opens the soul to the experience of the Holy,

it broadens faith,

it challenges our thinking about our lives and choices,

it offers a means of forgiveness and reconciliation with our deepest selves

it renews our companionship with Jesus, and

nourishes our lives in the strength and presence of the Risen Christ.


Worship at St. Peter’s is characterized by dignified informality that is comfortably at ease with both contemporary and traditional forms of liturgy and music. Worship follows the patterns and rites of the Anglican Christian tradition that dates a 1000 years and more. The central Sunday experience invites entry into the sacred story in holy scripture, commented on in a homily and followed by the sharing of the sacred meal of Holy Communion. There are age-appropriate programs for children from nursery to grade 6 and a lively youth group program during the first part of the worship service. Children and youth rejoin the community for the celebration of Holy Communion.


Altar Flowers

If you would like to have flowers placed on the Altar in memory or in thanksgiving of someone, or for a special occasion, please add your name to the flower calendar which can be found in the narthex (entrance hallway).

The donation for having flowers placed at the altar is suggested at $50. Requests for flowers and the donations may be made through the church office or by contacting Marg Donais at 403.252.5463.


Chancel Guild

Please contact us if you have any questions, or need information.


Children Receiving Communion

Holy Communion is the gift of God for the people of God. The sacrament of Christian initiation by baptism makes one a full member of Christ and of his church, and therefore welcome to fully participate in the sacramental life of the church. As such children are welcome to receive Holy Communion. The usual practice is that the decision as to when a child will begin to receive Communion rests with the parents. The church provides an educational child-friendly program each year to help parents prepare their child for beginning the practice of receiving Communion. Confirmation remains a vital rite of passage in one’s Christian formation in the early teen years. It commences with an educational program that invites the exploration of one’s faith culminating in the act of personal Christian re-commitment in the Confirmation service.


 Daily Prayer

 Sunday’s Readings


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